The primary aim of the UBC Pulmonary Rehabilitation Research Laboratory is to develop novel, patient-oriented strategies to improve the physical activity of individuals with chronic lung diseases including COPD.

The Pulmonary Rehabilitation Research Laboratory is part of the UBC Centre for Heart Lung Innovation and is located in St. Paul’s Hospital on the fourth floor of the Burrard Building. The lab is equipped with:

  • Biodex computerized dynamometer for assessing muscle performance
  • Treadmills and bikes for cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET) and training
  • Indirect calorimeter Cosmed K4B2 portable metabolic equipment for measuring energy expenditure
  • Multi-sensor activity monitors for measuring physical activity
  • EndoPAT, SphygmoCor and Vascular Doppler devices for non-invasive measurements of cardiovascular system
  • Strength training equipment



The Pulmonary Rehabilitation Research Laboratory is associated with the St. Paul’s Hospital Pulmonary Rehabilitation Clinic. If you are a patient or physician and would like to obtain a referral for the clinical program, please click on the link below, print off the form, and give to your doctor for signature. You must also have the results of your lung function test. If you have been seen by a lung specialist, the consult letter should be attached to your referral.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Referral Form

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