Former Trainees

Carmen Sima, PhD Graduate from the UBC Rehabilitation Sciences Doctorate Program November 2017.

Carmen Sima is a PhD graduate in Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of British Columbia. She received her Master’s degree in Biology from the University of Victoria, British Columbia (2011). Carmen is originally from Romania, where she was trained as a medical doctor at the University of Craiova (1995). Her research focused on the role of pulmonary rehabilitation program in improving the cardiovascular health in COPD patients. She has also an interest in the clinical application of noninvasive assessments of vascular function in COPD.


Christen Chan, MSc Graduate from the UBC Masters of Sciences (Research) Program November 2014.

LungFIT: Validating a Smartphone Application for Pulmonary Rehabilitation: This thesis study investigated that validity and reliability of a Smartphone system called LungFIT in measuring oxygen saturation, heart rate, and distance traveled in healthy adults during low-intensity exercise. This study will help lead into further studies and development of the LungFIT in an attempt to help deliver pulmonary rehabilitation to those with chronic respiratory diseases without access to a hospital-based program.


Cory Bendall, RRT – University of Alberta, Masters of Public Health Candidate

Cory Bendall is a University of Alberta, Masters of Public Health Student  who worked on her practicum with Dr. Pat Camp at the St. Paul’s Pulmonary Rehabilitation Laboratory. She works for Interior Health as a Regional Practice lead for Chronic Disease Management from her home in Vernon. Her Clinical background is in Respiratory Therapy where she received the Graduating Class Award for outstanding patient care in the clinical year and four annual recommendations for Clinical Teaching in both the acute and community programs. Cory’s current interests lie in chronic disease management and building community capacity within rural health systems. Cory has had the opportunity to contribute to several research pursuits surrounding quality indicators for pulmonary rehabilitation programming and rural health outreach in Aboriginal communities.


Darrel Hagel, UBC MSc Graduate from the UBC Rehabilitation Sciences

Darrel Hagel  graduated from the Faculty of Medicine Rehabilitation Science Online Program in the Masters of Rehabilitation Science degree. Darrel currently resides in Penticton BC where he works in orthopedics, cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation. Darrel’s current research project looked at patient perceptions of group medical visits after discharge from cardiac rehabilitation.


Satvir Dhillon, MSc Graduate from the UBC Masters of Sciences (Research) Program November 2014.

Physical Activity Measurement Accuracy in Advanced Chronic Lung Disease – A Pilot Study: This thesis study investigated the accuracy of physical activity monitoring techniques in a population of adults with advanced chronic lung disease during physical activity of varying types and intensity. The results showed that a Flex Heart Rate (FHR) monitoring strategy was most accurate in estimating energy expenditure against a gold standard of indirect calorimetry compared to multisensors and accelerometers. Future validation studies with larger sample sizes and across milder disease severity groups are needed to confirm the appropriateness of FHR monitoring for routine clinical practice.


Walden Cheung, MSc Graduate from the UBC Rehabilitation Sciences Masters Program September 2017.

Waldo Cheung is an MSc graduate from the Rehabilitation Sciences program at the University of British Columbia and is from Vancouver.  His research focused on developing tools for evaluating and improving the quality of pulmonary rehabilitation programs in Canada.