AECOPD – Mob tool is here! Click here to access the online tool.

The AECOPD-Mob is a clinical decision-making tool to guide health care professionals who are mobilizing hospitalized patients with an acute exacerbation of COPD (AECOPD). It was developed through a Knowledge translation process by a team of experts on the field. Recently, we developed additional formats of the AECOPD-Mob tool:

Interactive learner module: Review the AECOPD-Mob clinical decision-making tool with the aid of multimedia like videos, photos and case scenarios that emphasis on practical scenarios of relevance to physiotherapists, nurses and rehabilitation assistants.

Smartphone application: The smartphone application is another format of the AECOPD-Mob tool, that is available to clinicians on the bedside of a patient. It can help clinicians to assess the patient’s condition, and provide an evidence-based suggestions along with photo illustrations on mobilizing patients safely and effectively.