Join the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Research Lab as a Graduate Student!



Please check back in 2025


Our focus for graduate students are those who are interested working in:

First Nation and Indigenous populations; inpatient pulmonary rehabilitation; physical activity & chronic lung disease.


Interested candidates should click here  to learn more about Dr. Camp’s research and access the supervisor contact form.

For applicants, please send your cover letter, CV, and undergraduate transcripts to

The application and other relevant information regarding the MSc in Rehabilitation Sciences degree program can be found on the MSc and PhD Rehabilitation Sciences Research Graduate Programs website.  Dr Camp can also supervise students through the Interdisciplinary and Experimental Medicine Graduate Programs.


For more information on graduate programs and funding please refer to the Faculty of Graduate Studies website.

Please note the Rehabilitation Sciences Graduate Program Application requirements and deadlines for MSc and PhD programs.

Here’s what some of our past students are saying:

“I came to the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Research Lab in 2013 looking to broaden my understanding and knowledge base about the scientific process and lung diseases. The University of British Columbia also has a high reputation for their academic standards, including their professors and research resources. I was not disappointed during my 2 years at the lab. Working closely under the direction of Dr. Camp and my fellow lab members, I learned an immense amount about how to conduct high quality, systematic research studies, as well as about obstructive and restrictive pulmonary diseases and how rehabilitation can have profound effects in this population in all holistic aspects of their health. Coming to the lab also gave me the opportunity to live in Vancouver downtown where I could really see and experience how beautiful the city is, but also see the need for improved pulmonary healthcare for many people living in the area. This made working on my research projects very rewarding, knowing that the work done within the lab can directly improve the lives of so many people in Vancouver and beyond.” – Chris Chan, MSc 2014

“As a master’s student at Pulmonary Rehabilitation Research Lab, I had an enriching experience working under the guidance of Dr. Camp. Her expertise and support helped me navigate my research project, which focused on the assessment of indoor air pollutants in First Nation housing in rural and remote communities of North Central BC. The lab team environment was collaborative and supportive, with regular brainstorming sessions and feedback on our progress. Overall, it was an exceptional learning opportunity that provided me with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in my future endeavours.  Thank you very much, Ivan.” – Ivan Kamurasi, 2023

We have had many graduate students come through the PRRL.  Please familiarize yourself with the Graduate Studies website for application details and Dr Camp’s work.


Dr Pat Camp, PT, PhD



Dr Pat Camp is a clinician and researcher with interests in exercise and physical activity for individuals with chronic lung disease.

Currently, she is  involved in studies of Indigenous lung health in northern British Columbia. She also conducts knowledge translation and clinical studies looking at the benefits of increased activity in individuals hospitalized with chronic lung conditions.

Dr. Camp recruits Masters and PhD graduate students  interested in the area of physical activity and chronic lung disease. Trainees can expect to work in a highly collaborative environment with other faculty members in Physical Therapy, the UBC Centre for Heart Lung Innovation, and various departments in the Faculty of Medicine at UBC.


See publications by PG Camp and P Camp on PubMed.